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Our Guiding Principals are:

We are committed to excellence and
promote only the highest standards of
safety and quality.  We will be ethical
and professional in our activities.
We will expand our capabilities through
research and development, commit-
ment and the will to always want to
improve our products and service.

When we supply equipment to any
customer they become part of one of
the most exciting instrument manu-
facturers around.

Our service is by far the best in the
business and we have a long list of
satisfied customers to support our
Welcome to Southern Africa Fault Location.

International supplier of power cable fault location equipment

Southern Africa Fault Location has been manufacturing world class power cable fault location equipment
locally since 1995. We own and manufacture the Adret range of cable fault location and testing equipment.
We produce international standard products and export to more than ten different countries around the
world, including the UK, Australia and the Pacific Rim.

Products Overview

The product range consists of power cable fault location equipment like Surge Generators (AKA Thumpers,
Bangers), Ground Microphone Systems, Fault Pre-Location Scopes, as well as a range of High Voltage
Proof Test Instruments, Custom Made Test Vans, and various safety devices for the cable test industry.

Power Cable Fault Location Equipment >
Proof and Diagnostic Test Instruments >
Safety Systems >
Custom Made Test Vans and Mobile Labs >

Highest Quality

Our production facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified and our products are Proudly South Africa graded.
All our cable fault location equipment meets the highest standards of safety and quality.  We use
aluminium heavy duty extrusions to manufacture all framework installed in test vans and trailers, and we
use 2mm thick aluminium plate for covers.


We have a long list of satisfied customers who can testify to the quality of our cable fault location
equipment. Our clients have included companies such as Eskom, metros like the Cities of Tshwane,
Ekurhuleni, Cape Town East London, as well as City Power, Metrorail and a host of contracts across Africa.

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