Power Cable Analyzer
The Adret PCA201 was developed to assist power cable fault location technicians in pre-locating
and pre-determining distances to faults existing in power cables. It gives a direct reading in meters
or feet to the fault position. Fault distances can also be determined from the far end of the cable by
simply moving two cursors to any two points on the display screen. It is capable of locating low
resistance (that is any fault lower than about 120 ohms or infinity ohms) or high resistance faults with
the help of any standard impulse generator and the Adret AE101 high voltage coupling unit.

Operating Modes
The unit is capable of pre-locating distance to fault in three distinct modes. The unit features an
automatic mode in all ranges where the cable length, gain level and fault positions are indicated by
the press of only a few buttons. In addition to this there is also the Expert Mode where all settings
can be set by hand.


In the TDR (Time domain Reflectometer) mode the instrument transmits a pulse which is reflected
off the far end of the cable. Any impedance mismatches (i.e. Joints, open or short circuits) along
the cable are also reflected. The waveforms are easy to analyze.

Impulse Current
In the Impulse Current Mode a high voltage discharge generated by a surge generator is applied to
a faulty cable until the fault breaks down. Thus the surge energy is then reflected back to its source.
Upon arriving at the source it is reflected back into the cable. This continues until the energy is
depleted. The PCA101 will capture and store the current waveform flowing in the cable and display
it for analysis.

In the ARC-Echo mode the instrument is connected to the faulty cable via the AE101 Coupling unit.
This unit provides the suitable isolation and filtering required to superimpose a TDR waveform on
top of the high voltage surge generated by the surge generator. When the high voltage energy arrives
at the fault it temporarily breaks it down causing a short term short circuit. The waveforms are
simple and easy to analyze and look exactly like TDR waveforms.
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Power Source



Operating System

Waveform Storage



450 x 300 x 200 mm

Watertight front panel with
Touch Display

Mains � 240v

12� VGA Full Color Touch
Screen with Stylus

Scratch resistant PVC
enclosure with lifetime

Windows 7

Windows Capabilities
Limited to HDD space

All Windows driven printers.

Windows Virtual Keyboard
Padded canvas carry
case, all necessary cables,
operator manual, Windows
License, USB Ports for
external keyboard, mouse
and printers
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